Tales From The Tulgey Wood

This highly original fiddle, flute and guitar trio, Pennyless, will take you from Olde England , through Ireland , Scotland and across the water to Old Timey America, with lively traditional and self-composed tunes on a variety of acoustic instruments. Sprinkled in amongst the instrumentals are original songs from their three albums with touches of medieval minstrel beat, and quirky tales of pirates, moths and tree spirits. Pennyless have recently released their third album "Tales from the Tulgey Wood" to critical acclaim. Inspired by Jabberwocky and introducing new and mysterious characters from English folklore, they have been likened to Incredible String Band meets Mike Oldfield in psych-folk style. Their songwriting reflects a fascination with English characters and places in the East Anglian region which are on the edge of our everyday world. Penny Stevens on fiddle, Les Woods on guitar and Graham Dale on a bewildering array of instruments from whistle to xaphoon, melodica to flute, cajon to caval. The three personalities here are each very individual to watch and listen to -resulting in a varied mix of songs and instrumentals reflecting the sum total of the Pennyless world.


"The unifying thread here is the blend of distinctive male and female voices, reminiscent of classic 70's acid folk...There is something nicely understated about Pennyless, with flute and fiddle threading like sunlight through long grass, and weaving a fine but substantial mesh to support the songs." R2 MAGAZINE

"A psych folk/tradadelia gem" FROOTS MAGAZINE

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Title: Tales From The Tulgey Wood
Artist: Pennyless
Full Cost of Show: £300
Target Audience: In the main a Pennyless audience is middle-aged to retired fans of live folk music and original material from the 60's and 70's folk revival through to 80's progressive acid folk era. We often have families to in afternoon shows, children love the lively jigs and reels!
Special Consideration: none
Dates Available: General availability from September onwards
Running Time: 2 hours
Interval: 20 minutes
Get In Required: 2 hrs before show
Get Out Required: 1 and half hours after
Performance Space Required: 3x2.5x2m
Seating Layout: Casual seating around tables rather than formal rows
Number of People on Tour: 3