The Iranian Feast

‘The Iranian Feast’ – is a 90 minute theatre event made for village halls. Part thriller, part cookery lesson this is a tale of a family working out how life will be in the future. Using traditional Persian food prepared by Abbas, his wife and daughter - with help from their friends and neighbours a story unfolds that is surprising, uplifting and a celebration of being alive. Going in the pot are fresh herbs, spices, sweet vegetables, and Eli’s mother’s secret ingredient.


“I came away enriched, enlightened and moved as if I'd travelled to a foreign country.” Audience member, Whittingham Village Hall

“It is without a doubt one of the most thought provoking and yet also entertaining performances we have seen in ages." Audience member, Robertsbridge Village Hall

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Show Details
Title: The Iranian Feast
Artist: Farnham Maltings
Full Cost of Show: £840
Target Audience: 11yrs +
Special Consideration: Audience members offered small portion of authentica Persian food cooked during show.
Dates Available: Thursday 31st March 2016 & Saturday 23rd April 2016
Running Time: 90 mins
Interval: Straight through
Get In Required: 3.5hrs
Get Out Required: 1hr
Performance Space Required: 5m x 3m x 5m
Seating Layout: Cabaret style - tour with own tables but not seats x 90 capacity
Number of People on Tour: 4 - 3 performers & 1 SM