ARABIAN NIGHTS ... and Days! Three actors create a show that is both hilarious and moving in a refreshing and imaginative adaptation of the classic tales. This is the Arabian Nights as you have never seen them before! The Sultan summons a new wife every night. Every morning he has her killed. All are powerless before him. As the number of his victims mounts, the fear grows. Who will be next? Then Scherazade, the daughter of the High Counsellor, demands to be his next wife. All are dumbfounded. Has she lost her senses? A vivid interpretation of the stories spun by Scherazade, ARABIAN NIGHTS ...and DAYS! is a feast of physical comedy, clowning and storytelling theatre for all ages. Come on a magic carpet ride to a universe full of laughter, danger and wonder! Shifting Sands has won critical acclaim for its many touring productions that include Faustus, Romeo & Juliet, The Seagull and Great Expectations. We now play with the ingredients of the Arabian Nights yet remains faithful to the themes of the original. There is irreverence but no parody. The result - comic, exhilarating theatre! 192


"Imaginative and original, and enthusiastically mixes clowning and pathos with warm humour, helped by a collection of madcap props." Maidenhead Advertiser on The Seagull

"A production which rates highly in the imaginative stakes, unique and articulate, and I loved every moment. Not to be missed – you do so at your own peril - you have been warned!" BBC Review June Atkins on The Deadline

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Artist: Shifting Sands Theatre
Full Cost of Show: £700
Target Audience: Adults and suitable for 11 years plus
Special Consideration: A wide range of workshops available on the show days but also at available dates leading up to the performances. We are based in Derbyshire so not too far away.
Dates Available: Available 25th Feb - May 2016
Running Time: 90 min
Interval: 15 mins
Get In Required: around 1.30pm
Get Out Required: within 1 hour of the show ending
Performance Space Required: minimum 4m x 4m x 3m
Seating Layout: either "end-on" or tables/chairs
Number of People on Tour: Four