The Mitten

A musical masked story On a cold winter day, Zoïa loses her mitten in the snow. Lost and alone … but not for long, as one by one the shivering wild animals come to investigate and share this new refuge. Their conversation ranges far … from being lost, to the changing climate, to the habits of different animals … and the value of friendship! Join us for this charming encounter with animals in winter, brought alive by the stunning masks of Theatre Transformations. Thirty minutes of magic to share with people of all ages from 4 years, followed by an interactive performance workshop in which the audience can reinvent the story with the help of actor Hélène and the Theatre Transformations masks. This French-English play has a single actor, music and singing. A heart-warming folk tale, that leads to an understanding of folk tales, animals, winter, sharing, kindness and working together. The simple story-line adapts itself perfectly to learning some basic French language.


What a fantastic show, we really enjoyed the masked characters and the creative story. The inclusion of the workshop at the end was great too. I’d really recommend it for families and even for adults looking for something fun to do at Edinburgh. Love, posted by Nic, Edinburgh, August 15, 2014 ***** The Mitten

Lovely charming show with a great fun performance and strong story telling. The show was really enjoyable to watch with a lovely atmosphere. The workshop afterwards was very good, a lot of fun and also easy and light to participate but also watch. Both the show and workshop were great for both children and adults. Love, posted by Sakina, Edinburgh, August 14, 2014 **** The Mitten

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Show Details
Title: The Mitten
Artist: Theatre Transformations
Full Cost of Show: £500
Target Audience: Children of 3 and over and families, including parents and grandparents
Special Consideration: connections possible with schools
Dates Available: 02 to 22 Novembre 2015 also possible the last week in November and first week of December and available in February / March 2016
Running Time: Duration : 1h The 35-minute performance is followed by a 25-minute workshop at which the many different animal masks can be explored and handled.
Interval: none
Get In Required: 2 hours
Get Out Required: 1 hour
Performance Space Required: Ideal performance area 5m wide x 5m deep x 2,5 m high Absolute minimum performance area (wide x deep x headroom) 4m wide x 4m deep x 2 m high
Seating Layout: Front on
Number of People on Tour: 2