Old Christmas - seasonal songs and music from Shakespeare’s time

Join PIVA this December for an evening of seasonal music and songs from Tudor times. 

Winter could be a harsh time with long nights and little fresh food, but the Twelve Days of Christmas were filled with feasting, music, dancing, singing, games and revelry.  It was a time of entertainments, wassailing and mumming on the village green, masques and plays at court. 

PIVA will be capturing a flavour of these times by playing and singing music of the period and telling tales from the time; playing a wide range of authentic period instruments including curtals, shawms, violin and recorders.  

A perfect way to drive away the cold, dark nights of winter and prepare you for the Christmas festivities!


“Piva play with style and panache” fRoots magazine

“PIVA - if you have the chance to hear them, jump at it." Voluntary Arts Ireland

“Like all good bands – Piva needs to be experienced live” Paul James, Blowzabella

“Their performance was fantastic.” Stafford Gatehouse Theatre.

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Title: Old Christmas - seasonal songs and music from Shakespeare’s time
Artist: PIVA - The Renaissance Collective
Target Audience: - traditional music lovers - festive evening - families
Performance Band:
Special Consideration: n/a
Dates Available: n/a
Running Time: 80 mins
Interval: 20 mins
Get In Required: 2hrs
Get Out Required: 1hr
Performance Space Required: 4m x 3m x 2.5m
Seating Layout: theatre-style
Number of People on Tour: n/a