Sara Spade and The Noisy Boys

Jools Holland says: "She has a fantastic voice - her band makes me want to dance… they have that magical element which it's almost impossible to put your finger on!" With her ebullient blend of Retro-Pop Swing originals, Sara's ukulele music breaks boundaries. She has been played on BBC Radio 2 and her uplifting sound has caught the ear of BBC Radio 1 DJ and festival director Rob da Bank who featured Sara’s band at Bestival. The band has a residency at London's coolest whisky bar, Boisdale of Belgravia, and has toured the UK & Germany, where she has a surprise following of fanatical fans. Setting her own songs next to Charlestons like "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue", a unique version of "It Must Be Love" and heart-melting ballads like "Secret Love", Sara Spade delivers a cracking performance with Jonny Gee on bass & Jonny Mattock on snare drum - just check out the live videos on her website. To quote BBC Radio London's Larry Pryce, Sara is "Simply irresistible…a special one-off talent."


"Beautiful face, beautiful music!" - BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank "If you haven’t heard or seen Sara Spade and The Noisy Boys you haven’t lived. Hear them, see them ASAP!”– Hank Marvin "FANTASTIC!" - The Guardian's Alan Rusbridger

"Great evening. I loved it" - Jools Holland

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Title: Sara Spade and The Noisy Boys
Artist: Sara Spade Music
Target Audience: Any age from young to very old this music has a VERY wide appeal.
Performance Band:
Special Consideration: This is a small set up with me on uke and vocals, a double bassist and a drummer (standing) using only a snare drum. This fits into a pretty small space which can be useful.
Dates Available: Any dates from now onwards as long as we are available.
Running Time: 2 x 50 minute sets
Interval: flexible
Get In Required: 1 to 2 hours
Get Out Required: 1 hour
Performance Space Required: 3 metres squared?
Seating Layout: Flexible
Number of People on Tour: 3 (possibility of 4 if it is considered appropriate to bring guitarist too)