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Sarah Spade Square
Sara Spade Music

Sara Spade and The Noisy Boys

Sara Spade's foot-tapping mix of vintage-classics and her retro-swing ukulele originals bring new life to the vintage uke+voice combo, uplifting thousands across the age spectrum. "Beautiful voice - beautiful music!!" - BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank "Great evening - I loved it!" - Jools Holland, BBC Radio 2

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"Beautiful face, beautiful music!" - BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank "If you haven’t heard or seen Sara Spade and The Noisy Boys you haven’t lived. Hear them, see them ASAP!”– Hank Marvin "FANTASTIC!" - The Guardian's Alan Rusbridger

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New Perspectives

The Man Without A Past

New Perspectives' brand new show features a soundtrack from songs of praise to sultry jazz, in a part-melancholic love story, part-deliciously deadpan comedy takes you on one man's extraordinary journey from anonymity to unexpected salvation.

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"New Perspectives has taken on an exciting challenge that proves rural touring companies can produce provocative work of national and international significance"