The Incredible Doctor Guttmann

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In 1948, a doctor at Stoke Mandeville Hospital had the audacity to stage the first games for disabled ex-service men and women on the very same day as the London Olympics. Known simply as ‘Poppa’, Guttmann was a charismatic, witty yet incredibly driven individual, whose work and revolutionary ideas touched the lives of people all over the world. His personal story is equally as powerful. As a brilliant young Jewish doctor, Guttman and his family were forced to flee Nazi-Germany, taking refuge in England. Here his work gave new hope to people whose lives had been torn apart by spinal-injury. The Incredible Doctor Guttmann is based on the true story of this remarkable man. This powerful and captivating new play is a story full of passion, determination, humour and learning to start over again.

Event Details
Title: The Incredible Doctor Guttmann
Artist: Karen Simpson Productions
Date: November 24th, 2012
Start Time: 19:30
Venue: Old Village Hall
Artform: Theatre
Box Office Telephone: 07867 778073