Love From Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes Square
A drama in six postcards
Isla promised she would never write to David again. But 30 years is a long time to keep a promise....
At a time when our connections to each other have been put on hold, New Perspectives has created an innovative and COVID-safe way to immerse rural audiences in an original bite-size drama. Told through six unique postcards mailed directly to your door, this is an opportunity to rediscover the joy and beauty of written correspondence through a story of young love, lost love and new beginnings.
If you would like receive a drama in six postcards, there are a limited number of places available free of charge until Sunday 27 September


KEEP THE SECRET: We encourage you to keep and share the cards with friends and neighbours but please don't reveal the story or share the postcard images on social media so that more audiences can enjoy this at first hand too.
Please note: this is NOT a live performance. The postcards will be mailed from 19 October and all cards received by the end of October.
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Event Details
Title: Love From Cleethorpes
Artist: New Perspectives Theatre Company
Date: September 27th, 2020
Start Time: 12:00
Venue: Letter box drama
Artform: Theatre
Box Office Telephone: