Him With His Foot in His Mouth

Bellow For Web

Harry Shawmut is a man who sometimes says things he shouldn't. He once made a rude comment to a woman in passing and now, years later, he wants to apologise. But saying sorry isn't always that simple... 

Harry's apology involves him describing a hilarious, surprising and moving life story that helps explain why we sometimes say the things we shouldn't.

This beautifully written one man show quickly demonstrates why Saul Bellow, is largely considered to be one of the greatest American authors of the twentieth century. 

From the company who brought you Entertaining Angels (Spring 2013), A Christmas Carol (Winter 2012) and How Steeple Sinderby Wanderers Won the FA Cup (Autumn 2011 /12)

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Event Details
Title: Him With His Foot in His Mouth
Artist: New Perspectives
Date: March 21st, 2014
Start Time: 19:30
Venue: Helmdon Reading Room
Artform: Theatre
Box Office Telephone: 01295 760530 / 01295 768922