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“My primary objective is inclusivity in our community. That breaks down into two parts. The first is to have a wide a range of activities in our village and the second is facilitating participation"  Alistair MacRae

I am the Fieldworker for NTA and as a Volunteer Promoter myself I understand at first hand what it takes to manage a successful event.

NTA events are as vital as regular activates such as the play group, youth club, zumba class, indoor bowls, etc. To attract an audience of 65-70, I need to work with NTA to ensure that an event will attract 12% of the population. Even if people want to come to an event there are sometimes other barriers to participation that must be overcome. The obvious ones are cost and addressing the difficulty some people may not have anyone to go with. Regular events in our village give us a chance to have a look at our older villagers to see how they’re getting on and ask if they need anything. Partnering with NTA enables us to present professional and affordable arts events helping me to focus on my priority – my community

If you are interested in promoting a professional arts event in your community and would like to know how NTA can help please contact Alistair on 01604 402582 or email Alistair MacRae